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Cross Border Service - Daily Deliveries to and from Pembina, ND

Pembina, ND Parcel Forwarding Service

For a convenient and less expensive method of importing your shipments from the United States simply follow these instructions:

1. Setup An Account
A. Personal One Time B. Commercial One Time C. Full Commercial Account

2. Ship To Our Warehouse
Have your goods shipped pre-paid to:

Your Name - C/O A.D. Rutherford
191 Cavalier Street N
Pembina, ND  58271

3. Provide Documents For Customs Clearance
Send the following documents sent in advance to
A. Commercial Invoice / Bill of Sale
B. NAFTA Certificate / Low Value Statement of Origin

4. Wait For Your Shipment To Arrive
Commercial Shipments: Prices include delivery within Winnipeg
Personal Shipments:
Shipments will be held for pickup at our Winnipeg Warehouse:

Pickup Address: 175 Plymouth Street
Pickup hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30

Contact us today to request a rate schedule.




Contact us today to request a rate schedule.

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