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Importing a Canadian-Certified Vehicle into the U.S. for Re-Sale

A Canadian-certified vehicle less than 25 years old can be imported on a permanent basis under Box 3 on the HS-7 Declaration form, provided:

• The vehicle is not a salvage motor vehicle or a reconstructed motor vehicle.

• The vehicle is imported by a registered importer (RI) or by a person who has a contract with an RI to modify the vehicle so that it complies with all applicable FMVSS following importation. A list of RIs in active status with the agency can be found at

• A bond underwritten by a certificated surety in amount equivalent to 150 percent of the dutiable value of the vehicle is furnished to Customs at the time of importation to ensure that the vehicle is either brought into conformity with all applicable FMVSS within 120 days from the date of entry or is exported from, or abandoned to, the United States.

Before a vehicle can be imported under Box 3, NHTSA must also decide that the vehicle is eligible for importation, based on its capability of being modified to conform to all applicable FMVSS. The agency normally makes import eligibility decisions on a make, model, and model year basis. Because the requirements of the CMVSS closely parallel those of the FMVSS, rather than determining import eligibility on a make, model, and model year basis, NHTSA has issued blanket import eligibility decisions covering most Canadian-certified vehicles. However, because there are some dissimilarities between the CMVSS and FMVSS, a Canadian-certified vehicle manufactured after the date on which an FMVSS with differing requirements takes effect can only be imported under a blanket eligibility decision if the vehicle is originally manufactured to meet the U.S. standard. A chart identifying the particular FMVSS that must be met by Canadian-certified vehicles manufactured after specified production dates is set forth below. Covered vehicles that do not comply with an identified FMVSS can only be lawfully imported if NHTSA has separately decided that they are eligible for importation on a make, model, and model year basis. For example, Canadian-certified Smart Cars manufactured between September 1, 2002 and October 30, 2007 are not eligible for importation under a blanket eligibility decision because they were not originally manufactured with an automatic restraint system that complies with the requirements of Standard No. 208 and/or they do not comply with one or more of the other specified standards. Such vehicles may nevertheless be eligible for importation under the separate import eligibility decisions that NHTSA has made for particular model and model year Smart Cars.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also regulates the importation of vehicles for compliance with the emissions standards administered by that agency. For further information on those requirements, you may call the EPA Imports Hotline at (734) 214-4100 or visit that agency’s website at


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